Happy Birthday! Celebrating with a Cake Smash | Portraits in Elk River


I can’t believe I forgot to post this. It has been busy the last couple weeks with birthdays. My Grandson turned one, I turned…?…(we will leave that one blank), and my Grand Daughter turned 5. With all the celebrations I forgot to post this Cake Smash Session. I have been looking forward to this session for some time. I will have to say that the little guy didn’t let me down with my expectations. He exceeded them. He was so cute, once he realized that the green buttery stuff tasted “oh so good”, he had to share. He would run with a finger full of frosting to Mommy, run back to the cake, scoop another finger full, and run to share some with me. Needless to say my camera was a little green by the time we were done, but I was pretty impressed with his willingness to share.

So his first year has come to an end, how time flies. He is now a toddler. Running, climbing, laughing, trying to find his next adventure. He has given me abundant joy.

He is a blessing.

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