Happy First Birthday – Cake Smash Session

Happy First Birthday to one of my favorite little girls. We celebrated your birthday with a cake smash. With a lot a pre-planning, shopping, painting, and crafting, Mommy put together a cute set. I found the perfect second had chair and painted it to match the chosen color theme.

Since this was her very first piece of cake, she wasn’t sure she liked all the sweetness. A few fingers full of frosting, and that was about all. Auntie tried to pitch in and help show her how it was done, but she only ended up eating, or smashing, very little of the cake. (Which left almost a full delicious cake to share with her Mommy, Auntie, Brothers and Sister, and ME!!!! And it was DELICIOUS.) We finished up with a bubble bath, which she enjoyed more than the cake.

Here is a little slideshow of the cake smash and bath.