Sneak Peeks

Facebook is great way to show your pictures to your friends and family. I do sneak peeks of all sessions on facebook and “The Blog”. Look for 1 to 2 sneak peek images about 1 to 3 days after your session. All facebook sneak peeks are watermarked with the studio logo.

Please feel free to “LIKE” and/or comment on your photos! I LOVE to see feedback!
Please feel free to “SHARE” your photos!
Please feel free to tag yourself and/or your friends relatives.
You can use your Sneak Peeks as your FB profile photo if you’d like, but please do not crop out my logo!
It would be really nice if you could include a link back to www., or include “Photo credit: Laurie’s ShutterFlutter Photography”. I would truly appreciate it!

Thank You!