“Little Baker” Weekly Favorite at The Snap Society

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“Little Baker”

Thank you, The Snap Society, for choosing the image “Little Baker” as one of the top 5 weekly favorites.

What do you do when you see a cute little apron on clearance at Target? You buy it, of course. Then you bring it with you the next time you watch your granddaughter so you can have a some imaginary fun. That is how the image “Little Baker” came about.

Once I put on the apron and hat on her, she was ready to go. She was having a great time mixing up some dust in the flour. But THEN she figured out you could mix the water and flour together to get an awesome gooey mixture. Hence that devilish little grin you see in the picture above. I think she was waiting for me to tell her that she couldn’t do that. But you can’t make cookies without dough, right? Dough needs to have a liquid of some sort, right? So I let her continue with her “baking”. Once she knew it was ok, she got serious. As you see in the picture below the WHOLE bowl of flour needed to be mixed in the water. There was lots of “cookies” that needed to be made! A little messy, was an understatement by the time she was done “baking”. By the time she was done “baking” a little messy was an understatement. Sorry Mommy for the messy little flour footprints that where all over the floor. But she had fun! And I had fun watching her have fun.

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