The Exquisite Peony

I love this time of year. After a long winters sleep, my gardens start to come alive. Colors start to emerge. The first to make their appearance are the various green stems as they poke their way through the dull soil. Then the various textures start to take form, as the leaves and buds take on their own individual shapes and personalities. Then at different intervals, more color appears. The first of the floral displays begin to appear.

One of the first flowers to bloom in my gardens is the peony. Peonies happen to be one of my favorite flowers. The large round blossoms are exquisite. They dance in the breeze. As I stand over them, tending the garden, I take a deep breath, and hold the beautiful fragrance of the flowers in. For a moment, the world is lifted of my shoulders; the fragrance has a calming affect on me.

They are not only beautiful in the garden, they make a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers. As you can see from the picture above I take full advantage of this. 🙂

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