Celebrating Seven-Child Photographer

Celebrating seven with a few pictures to update the family picture wall. I was reminded that I hadn’t blogged this session yet. So that every sibling in the family gets equal time, I am posting this a little late.

The session was divided into three sections. The first section was girl frilly: fluffy pillows, fuzzy rugs, and a “reading tent”. She loves to read books and fairy books are one of her favorite topics to read. They brought along some of her favorite books so we could include them into the session. We took some pictures of her in the “reading tent” with and with out her books. Personally, I love the ones of her just laying on the fluffy pillow.

The second part was just some pictures of just her with minimal prop use. This child has the most beautiful brown colored eyes; unfortunately the blog post doesn’t do them justice.

The last of the session was with her American Doll. They had super cute matching PJs. I wish they had dolls like that when I was little. So much fun to have the same clothes as your favorite play toy, plus all the extras you can get as accessories.

That pretty much summed up the session. She was starving, so she said, picture taking is tough work and she needed to eat with her brothers. 🙂



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