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Clients often wonder why it cost so much for “just a piece a paper”. (There is a good article here about why custom photography cost more.) One of the reasons is editing. This post is to show you a little sample of what a photo looks like from start to finish. This is an abbreviated version of the steps involved.

The first sample is straight out of the camera, no editing.

The second sample is the basics. The basics include color correction, removal of light blemishes; removal of scratches, small cuts, and bruises; lighten under eye shadows; eye enhancements; and skin softening. I also will remove moles and scars upon request.

The next step is artist enhancements. Not all photographs receive drastic enhancements. Some photographs just need a little magic here and there, others stream visions in my head that say, “you should try this” or “maybe try this”. Above is a sample of how one thought, sparks another thought, which generated the final artwork creation.

Before this image was complete, it compiled about 50 steps/layers in Photoshop. I think the final outcome was worth the effort.

Did you find this interesting? If you did, keep posted for more “Before” and “After” images, I will post them periodically.


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