Featured | Light Inspired Weekly Theme “Fall”

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I love the magic it holds. I enjoy the crisp morning air through open windows and the scent after a rain. The soft rustle of fallen leaves as you walk. Looking out my kitchen door each morning to see the sun rise over a foggy mist on the river, and of course, how the sunlight sparkles and dances through the colored leaves on a breezy day. What is there not to love about Fall?

Last weeks theme at Light Inspired (a place for photographers to share their work) was Fall.

The trees haven’t peaked here, so I rummaged through last years fall pictures to find a picture to share. I kept going back to this one image. I liked the composition, but the quality wasn’t the best. I remember I took this image through the sunroof of our family van as my husband was driving, so the image was a little on the soft side. I actually passed over the image last fall because of this. But I had a vision in my head. I spent an evening working the thoughts in my head into the image. When I was done, I came up with an image I liked enough to share.

I am happy to say that the image was chosen among 13 other beautiful fall entries. Hop on over to HERE to check out the other amazing fall images. If you love fall you don’t want to miss them.

IMG_2599 copy

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