Happy Third Birthday | Princeton child photographer

Happy Third Birthday!

Who says a  photo session can’t be fun? Add a few fun props and a session can become a game, rather then something your child dreads. For this third birthday session we pretended we were cowboys. When we were done playing cowboy, we played with this cool new yellow truck I picked up at the local thrift shop. What more can a little boy ask for?


We always end the session with a little treat. This WAS his birthday, and you can’t celebrate a birthday without a little frosting. Notice that I didn’t say cake? Everyone knows you tolerate the cake, for the frosting. That is why they put a layer of frosting in the middle. You’re forced to eat the first layer of cake, so you can devour, that middle layer of frosting. Frosting, a little cake, and more frosting. You don’t need to eat the bottom layer of cake, because there is no more frosting. Throw that piece away. You don’t need the extra calories.

Back to dessert, I got a little carried away with the frosting thing. We ended the session with a monster cookie from the local store for his birthday treat. It has plenty of that creamy good stuff in the center and monster cookies are fun to eat. You can make monster noises while your eating, and talk about gross stuff like eating eyeballs and noses. They taste good. (The cookie that is, not the eyeballs.) Yum, Yum. Plus they are messy. Messy is always fun when your three!

Here are the pictures from his birthday session. The western theme went so smoothly, that I decided to offer a mini “Western” themed session. If you like these pictures sign up for a session.